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Classical Pilates is traditionally taught in 1- on -1 sessions.   The focused attention and correction you get from a private session ensures proper form and alignment to help you reach your goals faster.   This model is for you if you have a busy schedule or prefer private instruction, manage chronic pain, or are pre-natal or postpartum.

This is a simple and open-ended way of learning Classical Pilates.   Your workout is completely dependent on your goals as expressed to your teacher.   Your schedule is made to fit into your life.   Many students in the Traditional model attain their goals after 6 to 9 months of regular private sessions, but results vary.    Private packages are sold in packages of 5 or 10 sessions expiring in 6 months after your first visit.


These time tested models make the Pilates School unique.   

The In-Person School Model combines group classes and private sessions to facilitate deep learning and understanding of Classical Pilates in a group environment. 

You will learn Classical Pilates for half the cost of the Traditional model ($395-$250/ month).   The trade off is your level of commitment.   You need to dedicate 2-3 hours of in-studio training sessions and 1 hour of at-home study time a week.   These programs are taught in seasonal semesters Spring, Summer,  and Fall.  Primarily in the Fall and Spring seasons.   Due to high demand we are limited to accepting 50 new students per semester.  For most the In-Person School model takes 3-4 semesters to complete.

The simplest way to understand how this model work is you are enrolling in Pilates University.  You will have a regular school training schedule of private sessions, classes, and supervised workout sessions.   You are guided through Pre-Pilates, Basic, low and high Intermediate Pilates exercises.

Once you are ready, you take and pass your “final comprehensive exams” to graduate.   All graduates have access to participate in more advanced programs like our Open Studio membership, learning the Advanced system, or becoming a Classical Pilates teacher.

Please check our FAQ page.   We know you have burning questions.


School Timeline


The Pilates
Bachelor's Degree

You've graduated from High Intermediate, you will feel ready to really spread those wings . You have earned the prerogative to workout in the studio without the structure of a session or class. With an Open Studio membership you simply reserve your equipment for your workout. Voila! It's an affordable, flexible way to make Pilates a part of your life forever.

The Pilates
Master's Degree

There is a whole world of Advanced Pilates for you to explore after you graduate from high Intermediate. You will spend about a year learning the Advanced System; primarily through weekly private sessions. Like the In-Person School Model you will graduate once you are proficient in advanced exercises on all the major and auxiliary Classical Pilates equipment.

The Pilates

Become a certified Classical Pilates teacher and be an of our inclusive BIPOC/ LBGTQIA teaching models that respects all bodies and lived experiences. We offer full-time and part-time learning option and house for qualified prospective teachers. Through a 2100 hour comprehensive certification and our job placement program you will become a highly desired teacher.


The Virtual School Model is a new program designed to give you access to the In-Person School model in the comfort of your own home.    Like our in-person school, you need to commit to 3-4 hours of virtual sessions training and classes. 

You will have access to a LIVE teacher in 75% of your training sessions.  You will have a personal schedule of private sessions, classes, and supervised workout sessions. You are guided through Pre-Pilates, Basic, low and high Intermediate Pilates systems.

Once you are ready, you pass your “final comprehensive exams” to graduate from the Virtual School. 

The program is 9-12 months months, running primarily in the Fall and Spring seasons. We anticipate that this program will be in high demand starting Summer 2024 semester, it will be limited to 75 students.

Program starts June 1st 2024


Our Teacher Certification teaches you to train the body in front of you and to respect all bodies and life experience by becoming an expert in customization and modification.   

This comprehensive certification is 2100 hours of coursework in combination of student observation, classroom lecture, practice teaching, and written projects.    You will be certified to teach anybody up to the high intermediate system. 

Within the 2100 hours you will have 30 hours of intercultural communication, race, gender, and religious studies, 50 hours of study in best business and sales practices to earn gainful employment, be an independent trainer, or even open your own studio one day

We offer both full-time and part-time learning options.  Affordable housing option are available to qualified students.

We are proud to be the only program of this kind in the country in the process of seeking full academic accreditation through WASC.

To start your enrollment you must first register for an Intake Workshop. These are offer 3 times a year ($175). 


All new students start with a Consultation.