This model is best for students that wish to learn Pilates through a primary teacher in a one-on-one training environment.  This model is best for you if most of the statement below is true for you.

  • I have need flexibility in my workout schedule.
  • I want private sessions.  I want to develop a personal relationship with one dedicated teacher to guide me through my Pilates journey.
  • I have a serious or major injury/ chronic condition that prevents me from exercises in a group setting safely. 
  • I want to do group classes, but I want to start with privates to build my confident and foundational exercises before I start the School Models.
  • I am pregnant, or planning to become pregnant in the near future.
  • I did not get into the Teacher Certification because I did not meet the High Intermediate reequipments.    


The Traditional Model is the most expensive model because you are working one-on-one with a teacher with a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience.


One 75 minute consultation session with a lead trainer and one private session with your dedicated teacher.


5 Pack

5 Sessions with your dedicated teacher. ($120 per session)


10 Pack

10 sessions with your dedicated teacher. ($110 per session)


8 Classpack

Upon you dedicated teacher approval you may participate in selected classes.


Independent Workouts

Upon approval by your dedicated teacher you may use the studio equipment to do approved personal workout under lite supervision.


Pricing reflect training with a lead teacher.  Interns and Apprentices teacher pricing is approx. 20% less.  Expert Teachers with 25+ years of experience are approx. 25% higher.

I want School Models, but I have serious injuries.

This is a common issues.  We have a time-test system to help students that need the affordability of the school model, but have serious injuries/ chronic health issues.  Thus, making the school models unsafe for them.  This transition varies by student.  The average is 4 months with sessions twice a week. 

Your consultation teacher will be able to assess you body and give you an idea of the cost to heal your body to transition into the school models. 

Our mission is to make this transition affordable. 

How many private sessions do I need to meet my goals?

Your consultation teacher can better answer this question.  The traditional model is an open-ended system.  You can commit to as much or as little as you desire.  One average most Traditional Model students stay with us for 12-14 months. 

Is there a minimum sessions I need to keep a week?

Short answer is no.  Yet we encourage our Traditional student to try their best to maintain their Pilates practice twice a week.  In general we strongly recommend that Traditional Students keep up to 10 sessions booked on our schedule to hold their preferred days and times.

How do I earn approval to take classes and indepednent workout?

You must have working knowledge of the equipment safety and how to manage your body issues in a group environment.  You also must meet the prerequisite of the class/ independent workout as listed in the Pilates School catalog. 

A key Pilates School policy is all students must maintain regular privates session to continue to have access to classes and independents.  The only student allowed  attend classes without regulars sessions booked are our graduate students.