Teacher Certification Application

Teacher Certification


  • Bring the required mindfulness and openness to learn how to work in a intercultural inclusive safe space.
  • You do not suffer from any major or serious current injury or chronic condition that would prevent you from executing Classical Pilates hands-on or lift more than 50lbs.
  • Able to preform body manipulation on other student bodies.
  • You can physically perform exercises within the intermediate system or higher.
  • Able to attend a Intake Orientation if accepted. (9/7/24 for Fall and 12/8/24 or 1/11/25)


Structured 2100 hour certification with practical hand-on learning.

Affordable with full-time and part-time options.

Focus on job placement/ gainful employment after graduation.

Affordable student housing option for full-time students.

What will I learn?

How to teach any body with minor aches and pain Classical Pilates up to the High Intermediate levels.  This is a comprehensive certification; meaning you will become skilled in how to teach a varieties of bodies types all the major and minor Classical Pilates equipment.

What are the costs?

Full-time and part-time tuition is $11,500 for the 2100 hour program.  Tuition covers all training session, materials fees, and studio access. 

Full-time student will complete coursework within 24 months, thus will pay higher month student tuition.  Part-time tuition payment are spread over 36 month, thus monthly tuition payments are lower.

Are their scholarships or work-study?

Their is some scholarship opportunities for qualified students upon being acceptance to our program.  Select second year students, called “apprentices” have opportunities to apply for our work study program and earn up to $4700 to go toward their Pilates School SF tuition.

Tell me about your job placement options?

First we activity mentor all graduates to find, apply, interview and be offered gainful employment. 

These post-graduate mentorship programs stay involved to continue to develop your teaching and professional skills.  From hosting job fairs to our 5 year Studio Owner business incubator we will be here to support your future in the Pilates industry.

Important Dates

Quick at-a Glance Academic Schedule