Classical Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates and is the original source material of all other Pilates methods. Classical Pilates teaches students to do mat and equipment exercises in a certain order for optimal flow.

Joseph Pilates designed the routine in a way that builds and reinforces a solid understanding of the core concepts of Pilates: Centering, Control, Concentration, Breathing, Precision, Rhythm and Flow.
Joe Pilates’ goal was to teach students to gain independence. We aim to do the same. We train you to know your body’s needs, and how to utilize Pilates like the powerful tool it is.

We do not offer drop-in classes for new students.    You need to be currently enrolled in one of the Pilates School Models and cleared for class. 

(1) Complete Traditional Model private session to show you can be safe in a group environment. Buy 8 ClassPack ($300).   

(2) Complete the In-Person/ Virtual School Model consultation. You will be cleared for classes based on your consultation results.   

We do not offer equipment based class like most Pilates studios.   We strictly follow the “Classical progression”  where our student regularly rotate through the 12 major Classical Pilates equipment. 

At the Pilates School you may be in a class on the tower,  the next week on a reformer, the next week on a Wunda Chair.  

The teacher that conduced your consultation will let you know which classes you are ready to start.

Being affordable is one of our missions. In general, we are about  15% to 20% below the industry rates for highly qualified Classical Pilates training. If there are financial limitations getting in the way, please contact us at and we will see what we can do.

If you are looking for a short-term training option, try the Traditional Model.   The Traditional Model and pay as you go in 5-10 private session packages. 

The other option is the summer intensives.   These are 4 week long programs with 3-4 days of access to the studio with only a 30 day commitment. 

In most cases, yes! We find the best success by making Pilates apart of a group care strategy involving your doctor, Physical therapist, chiropractor, masseuse, etc. Pilates is the best long-term solution.

We would recommend the In-Person School or Traditional Models.  Classical Pilates will be the foundation for us to customized a training plan with us to include weight, sleep and stress management.  Cardio and strength training will be incorporated once you body is ready for more intense training.  Be sure to check our workshops.  We offer a 8 week Pilates + Weight Management course open to the public. 

Pilates is a very unique form of movement. Regardless of your ability to run, lift, or handstand like a pro, everyone starts their Pilates practice at the Pre-Pilates or Basic level. Embrace the experience of being a beginner!

A common misconception is that Basic level Pilates is “easy”. You could not be farther from the truth. In Classical Pilates “Basic” means foundational. Even Advanced movers will regularly return to Basic level Pilates. A good Basic level workout can leave even the most fit person sweating.

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The consultation comes with 8 session credits.  These credits will cover the following activities: 

  • Studio Tour FREE,
  • a 50 minute Private Session with a lead teacher and a 30 minute (6 Credits),
  • New Student Orientation Meeting (1-2 credits)


At the New Student meeting we will discuss your path forward, either through the Traditional Model of learning Pilates 1-on- 1, or through the School Model, which will include a curriculum of Private Sessions and Group Classes.

Put simply, everyone can benefit from private sessions. They are the most effective way to learn Classical Pilates. Yes, they can be expensive, but it is the safest way to start our programs.   

Based on your Consultation session we may require you start with the Traditional model for a few reasons::

  • You have a chronic illness or injury that can be exacerbated by exercise.
  • You suffer from muscle or joint pain that affects daily activities.
  • You are prenatal, pregnant, or postpartum.
  • You prefer to learn in a 1-on-1 environment.
  • You wish to see faster results.

In Person School and Virtual School programs, require making a semester-long commitment when you sign the contract. Think about it like signing up for a semester of school.   

By signing the contract you are agreeing to attend and pay for the entire semester.  We have Fall  semester, a Spring semester.   Summer is option for our students.

Once you sign up for a semester you have 30 days to change your mind without needing to pay for the entire semester. If our program isn’t the right fit for you, all you need to do is pay for the 30 days you used. Once those 30 days have passed, your contract states that you have agreed to finish out the semester.


The teacher track is the only program you must wait to join at the beginning of the Fall or Spring semester. 

Our recruiting and student services director will help you create you class schedule for the semester.   

Traditional model students will book private session based on the package the purchase.  All your booking is done by our studio coordinator. 

In-Person and Virtual Models students are required to pick two regular training days/time a week for the semester.  These session are booked for the semester by the studio coordinator.  You must book your own elective classes , independent workouts, and workshop on mobile app. 

Student in the Teacher Track all your sessions are booked for the semester by the student service director.  Intern and apprentices must schedule their own make-up session, exams, and student observations on the mobile app.


Simply put, you are committing to a minimum of 2 days a week of in-studio training for a semester. For most after 4 semesters they learned an independent Pilates practice and passed the comprehensive exam to become a graduate.   A graduate earns the privilege to use the equipment in “Open Studio” workouts.

We understand the pricing is very attractive.  $395 for 3 privates and nearly unlimited classes at a 6:1 ratio is a crazy deal!  

Yet,  you will not be successful in this model unless you are committed to getting the Pilates in your body. This mean learning the exercise names, order, how to customized and modified for your body.  You will be asked to learn basic exercise science, human anatomy, how to make your own workouts, and when you need privates/ hands-on.  You are truly going to become a student of Classical Pilates.

The last a biggest commitment is you need to have time in your schedule to commit to 2 weekly regular training session for the length of the semester.  These two training dates are the same day and time EVERY WEEK.  We can accommodate the occasional work trip/ family vacation.  Yet if you can not attend the 2 required class/ session a week you will not be successful in this program. 

Independent workout are are personalized sessions done in studio when a teacher can closely supervise. This is a pseudo-private session.  As you learn more about developing your own Pilates practice, you will start creating your own workouts. 

Open Studio is earned after pass a system test.  You are limited to the level you have last test out of.  After completing the In-person School Model you are automatically become an Open Student membership able to workout without supervise for $185 Graduate Open Studio membership. 

This is primarily based on the number of private sessions you need per month.  In the Pre-Pilates and intermediate courses you tend to need more private sessions. The increase in price reflects this.

Unlimited classes means you can take as many classes as you want/your trainer recommends. In general, you should be taking about 2 to 3 classes a week plus one at-home workout. Your personalized schedule will be discussed with a lead teacher after your Consultation.

They are elective classes that bridge what you are learning about Pilates to other fitness movements. For example, Pilates + Strength bridges how Pilates can improve your body alignment proper form while lifting.
All new members can take Pilates +Stretch. Pilates + Cardio and Pilates+ Strength classes have prerequisites before new students will be allowed to book them.

To take intermediate classes you need to pass the Basic System exam, which means you will have taken lots and lots of basic and core classes and have already been working on intermediate Pilates with your teacher. Schedule a Student Test Out or ask your teacher at your next class or Private Session.

Absolutely not. Only about 15% of our membership opt to tackle the advanced system. It is very hard to master. Students that take this path are seriously drinking the Pilates kool-aide.

Most students, especially those that started because of moderate to minor pain or weakness, get up to the high intermediate system.  (This is where the In-Person School Model ends.) 


Your need/ want 1-on-1 training,  prefer learning from one dedicated teacher.

School models is based on a higher teacher to student ratio, while all traditional models are 1-on-1 ratio.  Traditional session are focus on you and only you, but this come with a high price per session (approx $125 an hour)

We evaluate these request on a case by case basis.  Unfortunately there is a limit to what we can offer in this model.  We will do our best.  Book a consultation and contact us at to let us know you need a discount.

Once your teacher clears you, yes! For most it can take at least 5 private sessions.  Your teacher will clear you for the classes you can take appropriate to your level.  Classes are sold in packs of 8 for $300.


We are running our last test group of 10 students.  If all goes well we will launch this program on Spring of 2025 with 150 students.

How much will this cost per month? $175 per month. For this you have access to:

  • 1 Training Session per month
  • 1 Virtual Classical Core per week
  • Unlimited Virtual Pilates + Classes
  • Access to our groundbreaking on-demand library with over 100+ workouts and coursework.

At the start of this program you will only need a magic circle, foam roller and theraband.  As the program progresses you will have options to purchase Classical Pilates equipment for your home like a Wunda Chair, Springboard, even a reformer! 

Yes, complete the waiting list form and we will contact you to confirm your spot.


We will start accepting applicates on July 15th for the Fall 2024 semester.  We encourage interested student to enroll in one of our Summer Intensives or the Basic Seminar.

The total cost of the program is $11,200.  This includes all training and course materials, everything you need to become certified. 

  • A full-time student pays $850 for 12 months (not including non attended summer months)  with a $1000 deposit due after being accepted to the program after the Intake Workshop.
  • A part-time student pays $425 per month after a $500 deposit due after being accepted to the program.
  • Currently at the High Intermediate level in your personal Pilates practice? 
  • Can commit to full-time (10 hrs/wk) or part-time (5 hrs/wk) studio hours.  During these hours you will be expected to observe, practice, teach, session training time, and complete coursework.
  • Can Commit to full-time (3 hrs/wk) or part-time (1 hrs/wk) of at-home study.
  • Can commit to complete the comprehensive course work as a full-time (12-14 months) or part-time (18 to 24 months).  Optional summer breaks allowed. 
  • Enroll and attend a Teacher Track Intake Workshop.

Enroll in our In-Person School Model to fill any “gaps” you may have.  You will be automatically accepted to the Teacher Track after you graduate from the In-Person School program.

After you register for an Intake Workshop the email will have more detailed coursework for the upcoming semester.

Yes.  Be sure to fill out a housing application.  The form can be found in your Intake Workshop confirmation email. 

In Fall 2024 we will offer the following scholarships, internships/ trade-in-kinds. You must be accepted to the program before you can be considered for these scholarships. 

  • 1 75% scholarship to a BIPOC identifying student.
  • 1 75% scholarship for a LBGTQIA identifying student. 
  • 1 25% student-work scholarship. (Must be a full-time student).


All new students start with a Consultation.